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- Established in 1958 -

The specialty restaurant of



Established in 1958

​Yakitori Restaurant

The Kishu Bincho chacoal use

Osaka Namba of yakitori restaurant "MIDORI".
It has been over half a century since the first "Ichinojo" founded a shop, and now the second shopkeeper inherits the traditional technique and taste.The location is good access from Namba Station on each line for about 5-10 minutes. Although it is located in the middle of Namba, it is located in the back side of small alley "Rihei Yokocho", and a well-established restaurant that knows people who know it is elegant.
The interior atmosphere of the adult atmosphere of about 10 seats only for counter seats is loved as a hideout for a lot of gastronomic.


We use locally-produced chicken with "Umami" condensed.

Unlike the commonly used broiler, the chicken is raised freely and freely laid out, and growing in a stress-less environment, so it has a fine quality of meat. We prepare fresh items that can be eaten rawly every day from the designated specialty chicken meat shop. I spend a lot of time and effort on preparation.


Using some brand free-range chickens such as "Tamba", "Tajima" and "Daosen". We also use some luxury brands of the fighting cock such as "Omi" "Tenryo" "Satsuma" and so on.


Alcohol is also available in abundance.


Sake has carefully selected dozens of kinds, such as "Koshinokanbai" and "Hachikaisan", and very good compatibility with yakitori.


There are some kinds and good quality of Shochu, even also "Moriizo", "Murao" and "Maoh".


We also have wines. We have "Leroy" and "Enoteca" which are treated in luxury hotels as well.

- chicken grilled with confidential sauce -

Originality and ingenuity

Our special sauce of Yakitori keeps a taste that does not change by replenishing more than half a century. 

It is not a sweet sauce. It is a simple sauce that blended soy sauce, mirin and Japanese sake.By soaking skewered when cooking yakitori every day, the umami ingredients from chicken melt out and change to sauce with rich flavor.


In principle, meat other than chicken is not handled. We select fresh and high quality chicken meat and spend a lot of time to prepare skewereds.


We definitely gurantee you to enjoy grilled chicken cooked with the finest Kishu Bincho charcoal. 


We show you our skewerds on the "Menu" page, so please have a look.


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