Frequently Asked Question

What kind of chicken do you use?

We use some brand free range chicken such as the Tamba, the Tajima and
the Daisen etc.We also use some brand fighting chicken called "Shamo" such as the Omi, the Tenryo and the Satsuma.

What kind of meat besides chicken?

I'm sorry. Basically we do not handle meat other than poultry (beef, pork and seafood etc.).

Is there any food other than Yakitori?

I'm sorry. We do not service dishes other than yakitori.
You can enjoy the best grilled chicken unique to the well-established old-fashioned yakitori using Kishu Bincho charcoal.

When is the regular holiday?

Sundays and public holidays are closed on principle.
* We may encounter irregular holidays such as New Year's holidays, Summer holidays, so we recommend you to confirm by phone etc. beforehand.

Whether reservation is possible in advance?

Yes. (It may not be possible to accept depending on your desired conditions)
It will be accepted by phone. (☏: 06 - 6211 - 8734)
The following items are necessary.
·Your phone number
· Date and time of your request
· Number of people used
* Please understand that it will be automatically canceled after 15 minutes late appointment time.

What is the maximum number of seats?

Seats for up to 12 people can be prepared.

Is it possible to use with children?

Yes. It is possible.
Some of our regular customers have visited us with their parents since early childhood, and some people continue to use it for two generations now.
In addition, since we do not smoke, please refrain from those who care about smoking such as cigarette smoke.

Is it possible to use it with a wheelchair?

Although we are very sorry, our shop will be difficult to secure enough space at a very small shop.

Can I use even one person?

It is a big welcome.
Feel free to enjoy yakitori to your heart's content with even a single person.
There are also people who come to our store even for women. Please do not hesitate to visit us.
Of course you can also book from one person.

Is it possible to use on a private basis?

Basically it is not allowed to use it for private use.
Of course, depending on the number of people you may be in a charter state, but in that case please understand that we may have restrictions on usage hours.

Is it possible to use a credit card?

Yes. The following brands are available.
※ It may not be available due to malfunction of the terminal etc. In that case please understand that we may ask you to pay by cash.

Is it available for the customer who visits for the first time?

Of course it is possible.
It is used by many first customers.

How much is the budget?

I think that there are many customers around 5,000 to 6,500 yen per person.Either way it depends on what you order.

Is it possible to issue a receipt?

Yes. However, it is only Japanese one.